Jewellery Storage Ideas – How To Organise Your Jewellery Box

If you’ve ever spent too much time untangling necklaces or searching for that one missing earring, you’ll know that organising your jewellery box can be a real game changer. It’s not just about keeping things tidy, but also about preserving your precious pieces from damage.

In this text, we’ll explore some innovative and practical jewellery storage ideas. From clever DIY solutions to stylish store bought organisers, we’ll guide you on how to arrange your jewellery box effectively. Whether you’ve got a small collection or a vast array of sparkly treasures, we’ve got you covered.

So, get ready to transform your chaotic jewellery box into a well organised, easy to navigate haven. Say goodbye to the days of lost and tangled jewellery, and hello to a more streamlined, stress free morning routine.

Why organise your jewellery box?

The answer to “why organise your jewellery box?” isn’t as simple as saying “it’s easier to find your earrings”. It goes beyond tidy baubles and rings. It’s about upgrading your lifestyle, stress reduction, and conserving value. The importance is threefold:

  • Lifestyle Enhancement: A well organised jewellery box is the secret to a streamlined morning routine. No more frantic searches for a misplaced bracelet or a solitary earring. Having an organised jewellery box gives you quick access to your pieces when you’re dressing up.
  • Stress Reduction: Jewellery tangling, a common problem for many, can cause frustration. By keeping your jewellery neatly arranged, you minimise the risk of chains knotting and delicate pieces getting damaged.
  • Preserving Value: Jewellery, especially costlier pieces, require careful storage to maintain their beauty over time. When jewellery items are thrown together, the harder ones can scratch softer pieces. That can significantly reduce their value.

Assessing your jewellery collection

One of the fundamental steps in streamlining jewellery storage is assessing your collection. This process involves categorising and understanding the distinct needs of various pieces.

Start by laying out all your jewellery and grouping them according to type. Bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings each require different care and storage solutions. By categorising, you’ll cast an eagle eye over your collection and reduce the chance of missing any piece.

Not every item in your collection will be a treasured keepsake. It’s a good practice to cull the items that you no longer wear or find appealing. Remember, the goal isn‚Äôt to create a clutter free space but to preserve and appreciate what you value most.

Finally, consider the materials of your items. Different pieces contain various materials that may need specific storage conditions to avoid tarnishing or damage. Gold, silver, gemstones, or pearls require unique care, ensuring their lustre lasts. By assessing your collection, not only will you understand what you own better, but you can also efficiently plan your storage solutions based on these needs to streamline your morning routine and take care of your precious jewellery.

DIY jewellery storage ideas

A DIY approach to jewellery storage can offer flexible, affordable, and stylish solutions. Here’s a guide bursting with fresh inspiration.

A corkboard and pins can transform into a custom necklace display. Simply pin necklaces onto the board for an intuitive, tangle free storage solution. Those with a large collection of stud earrings might find a picture frame with lace stretched across the back helpful. The holes in the lace serve as ideal spots to hook or push earrings into.

For folks fond of bangles, a paper towel holder may do the trick. Stack bangles neatly on the rod for an organised, compact and fuss free storage space.

A ceramic egg carton, often used in kitchens, can store smaller items like rings and earrings, while a tiered cake stand could turn into a multi layered jewellery display. These open storage options are not only practical but also enable easy access and give a stylish edge to interior decor.

Of course, for valuable pieces prone to scratches and exposure damage, more protective storage should be considered. A velvet lined drawer or an individual jewellery bag might prove ideal in such cases.

Jewellery storage doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, the best solutions often involve upcycling items already present around the house. With just a little creativity, anyone can create a bespoke jewellery storage solution that meets their needs and adds a dash of personal style to their daily routine.

Remember, the main goal is to keep your treasured items safe, accessible and beautifully displayed so let your storage ideas evolve with your collection.

Store bought jewellery organisers

While DIY solutions offer a personal touch, store bought organisers cater to your storage needs with professionalism and style. They’re crafted for convenience, ensuring your precious items are protected and easy to find.

Specialised jewellery organisers come in a variety of designs and types. Let’s look at a few popular options:

Jewellery boxes: An age old storage solution, these boxes often feature multiple sections designed for different types of jewellery. Some even sport built in mirrors, offering a bit more functionality to the user.

Hanging organisers: Perfect for the wardrobe or the back of a door, these organisers make use of vertical space brilliantly. Their transparent pockets ensure easy visibility and access to your items.

Jewellery trays or stackable drawers: These offer a clever solution for those who desire an organised, clutter free dressing table. They not only house the smaller pieces efficiently, but also provide a visually pleasing arrangement.

Travel jewellery cases: Designed specifically for travel, these organisers are compact, lightweight, and capable of safeguarding your favourites from the stresses of transport.

Remember, when choosing a store bought organiser, it’s crucial to consider the size of your collection and the space available for storage. The choice of material should also take into account the delicate nature of your jewellery. While wood and metal organisers offer robustness and style, those made from fabric or velvet provide gentle protection against scratches and tangles.

With store bought organisers, you’re investing in a solution that caters to your immediate needs and adds an aesthetic appeal to your dressing area. You’re not just neatly storing away your shiny trinkets, but also creating a visually pleasing jewellery storing world. That’s the beauty of well thought out storage solutions ‚Äì they marry functionality and style effortlessly.

Organising your jewellery by type

A significant step towards having a functional, visually appealing jewellery box is organising your items by type. This method enhances accessibility, allowing you to locate pieces quickly without stories of tangled necklaces and lost earring backs.

Begin by separating your jewellery into categories such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. For all those jewellery items that defy classification, a separate section labelled as others would handle this efficiently. Pay attention to the earrings; for instance, separating the studs from hoop earrings can elevate the ease of use and accelerate the dressing process.

Some may argue that materials should define the sorting process. That’s in line with preserving your jewellery and reducing chances of damage. For instance, precious stones and metals such as gold, silver, diamonds, or pearls might demand more protective storage than your costume jewellery.

Opt for a versatile storage solution that accommodates different jewellery types. Make space for longer necklaces, ensure rings have individual slots and use multi tiered jewellery trays for earrings and bracelets. The goal is to enable each item to reside in its own space, reducing unwanted contact and potential damage.

Making slight alterations in how you store your jewellery may lead to significant improvements in functionality and aesthetics. So go ahead and experiment with different organisation styles until you find what works best for you. Experimentation can lead to discovery of unique, vibrant systems that bring joy every time you open your jewellery box.


Organising your jewellery box isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s a lifestyle enhancement, a stress reducer, and a vital step in preserving the value of your precious pieces. Remember, categorisation is key, and understanding each piece’s distinct needs is crucial. Don’t be afraid to let go of items that no longer serve you and always consider the materials of your jewellery when deciding on storage conditions. Experiment with different organisation styles until you find what suits you best. With the right storage solutions, you’re not just avoiding tangles and scratches you’re streamlining your routine and ensuring your jewellery’s longevity. So, take the tips from this article and start organising your jewellery box will thank you.

Why is organizing your jewellery box important?

Organising your jewellery box not only simplifies your daily routine but also protects your valuable pieces from getting damaged. A tidy jewellery box minimises the risk of tangling and scratching, allowing you to maintain the value and longevity of your jewellery.

How does organising your jewellery box reduce stress?

Through effective organisation, you can easily find what you’re looking for, thereby reducing stress and freeing up more time. It eliminates the frustration of searching for a particular piece amidst tangled chains or matching pairs of earrings.

What are some innovative storage solutions for jewellery?

Consider using versatile storage options like stackable trays, hanging organisers, and compartments for different types of jewellery. This reduces unwanted interaction amongst items which could potentially lead to damage. It’s also essential to factor in the materials of your jewellery for suitable storage conditions.

How should I categorise my jewellery for storage?

Assess your collection and separate your jewellery by type. This means keeping necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings in their dedicated spaces. Doing this helps streamline your accessibility and prevents jewellery pieces from scratching each other.

What should I do with the jewellery pieces that I no longer wear?

Sift through your collection and cull any items you no longer wear or find appealing. This gives you more space to organise your favourite pieces and keeps your jewellery box clutter free and aesthetically pleasing.