5 Cheap Winter Holiday Destinations 2024

If you’re on the hunt for a budget friendly winter escape, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up five of the best affordable winter holiday destinations for the 2017 18 season. These aren’t just any destinations, they’re places where you’ll get real bang for your buck.

From snow capped mountains to sun drenched beaches, these locations offer a variety of experiences. Whether you’re a thrill seeker or a chill seeker, there’s a winter getaway in this list that’ll suit your style and your wallet. So, let’s immerse and start exploring these hidden gems of the travel world.

Destination 1: Stockholm, Sweden

Flights to Stockholm often come in at a snip. That’s part of what makes Sweden’s capital an attractive option for winter getaways. The city, also known as ‘the Venice of the North’, is situated on a series of islands connected by bridges. It’s cobblestone streets and ochre coloured buildings create an aura of warmth even in the chilliest months.

Winter Activities in Stockholm

Stockholm isn’t just a vibrant city; it also offers a host of winter pursuits for adventurous spirits.

  • Ice Skating: Kungstr√§dg√•rden and Vasaparken are two major public parks where locals and tourists flock to skate. Rental skates are available, so there’s no need to lug a pair from home.
  • Christmas Markets: Sweden’s Christmas markets are steeped in tradition, with the Skansen Museum and market taking centre stage. Here, there’s an array of Swedish handicrafts and traditional foods on offer.
  • Northern Lights: It’s worth noting that the Northern Lights are visible from Stockholm on particularly clear nights in the heart of winter. While it’s never a sure thing, it is a sight to behold when the conditions align.

Dining and Accommodation

Stockholm boasts an impressive food scene. Options range from elegant bistros to cosy cafes, offering everything from Swedish meatballs to international cuisine. Accommodation, too, is reasonably priced, with a variety of hostels, budget hotels and boutique establishments available.

Every moment spent in Stockholm paints a beautiful winter picture. Remember, it’s not the destination’s end that matters; it’s the journey.

Destination 2: Prague, Czech Republic

Next on the list of budget friendly winter destinations is Prague. Known as “The City of a Hundred Spires”, Prague captivates its visitors with magnificent structures and the magical aesthetic of its old town. Cooler months add a charming sprinkle of frosting to this stunningly preserved mediaeval city.

Though it’s a year round go to for travellers, Prague beams with festive cheer during the winter. The cobblestone lanes and grand buildings under a white blanket create a postcard perfect setting, particularly in the Christmas markets held in the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square.

Not only do they feature beautifully decorated trees and stalls selling handmade gifts, but also delicious treats like Trdeln√≠k, a traditional Czech pastry. As this isn’t peak tourist season, visitors can reap the benefits of lower hotel rates and lesser crowd.

When it comes to sightseeing, Prague Castle — a UNESCO heritage site and the largest coherent castle complex in the world — should never be missed. Charles Bridge, too, holds its own charm, more so when snow frosted. For those looking for a bit of adventure, ice skating rinks are set up across the city, making for a fun filled day.

About travelling to Prague, budget airlines usually offer affordable winter deals. Mainly, flights from Stockholm to Prague can be as cheap as €50. So plan a trip, pack your bags, let the gothic allure of Prague warm your winter holiday.

Destination 3: Budapest, Hungary

As we journey on to our third destination, Budapest awaits. Known for its enchanting Christmas market and world renowned thermal baths, Hungary’s capital doesn’t skimp on winter charm. Visitors will find themselves surrounded by architectural wonders, from the grandeur of the Buda Castle to the stunning arches of the Fisherman’s Bastion.

Last minute travel deals bring Budapest within reach of even the most budget conscious travellers! Flight prices are quite a delight during the winter months: prices from London to Budapest start at just an unbelievable £30!

Are you freezing in the cold? It’s no big deal here, as Budapest is famous for its thermal baths. Sz√©chenyi Thermal Bath and Gell√©rt Spa are open throughout the year. There’s nothing quite like soaking in a warm bath while everything around you is covered in snow.

Let’s not forget about the city’s feast for the taste buds. This city’s gourmet street food festivals are the answer to your winter food cravings. Indulge yourself in some delicious Hungarian cuisine like Goulash, a warm and hearty soup, perfect for winter.

Destination 4: Lisbon, Portugal

Leaving the chilly climes of Budapest, we move onto a warmer and just as affordable winter retreat. Lisbon, Portugal’s sun drenched capital, offers a striking contrast. Known for its mild Mediterranean climate, Lisbon serves as an ideal escape from the harsh winter cold. While its daytime temperatures rarely drop below 15‚ÑÉ, the city’s myriad of activities from historical sightseeing, to relaxing beach walks, it’s a treasure trove that keeps visitors engaged.

Let’s not forget the fantastic last minute travel deals available. One way flights from London to Lisbon often start as low as ¬£19! Add this to a selection of budget accommodation, Lisbon is certainly affordable for the budget conscious traveller.

Upon arriving, one can wander around the Alfama district, Lisbon’s oldest neighbourhood known for its narrow, winding streets and historic landmarks. The area is also famous for Fado music, a unique genre that is a must listen for any visitor.

For those with a penchant for culinary exploits, Lisbon has a gastronomic fare that can enthrall any food enthusiast. Local pastries such as “Pasteis de Nata” are a delicious treat after a day of sightseeing.

One can also take a day trip to the nearby city of Sintra. Known for its fairy tale palaces and castles, it’s a mesmerising allocation that complements any Lisbon itinerary.

The myriad of experiences that Lisbon offers make it an ideal choice for a winter escape. Whether one craves history, gastronomy, or simply a respite from the winter chill, they won’t be short changed by choosing Lisbon.

Destination 5: Marrakech, Morocco

Morocco’s enchanting city, Marrakech, steals the limelight as the final budget friendly winter sun destination on our list. With its vibrant souks, palm studded gardens, and intricate palaces, Marrakech provides a rich sensory experience that’s as warm as its winter climate.

Winter in Marrakech enjoys an average daily temperature range of 21 23 degrees Celsius, a far cry from the bone chilling weather in more northern regions. Travellers can take advantage of the warm climate to explore the Majorelle Garden, a colourful botanical garden designed by French painter Jacques Majorelle. Roam freely around the Koutoubia Mosque or lose yourself in the bustling bazaars, haggling for handcrafted jewellery, aromatic spices, or traditional rugs.

Affordable flights make the trip even more enticing. A search for one way tickets from London to Marrakech revealed fares as low as £30. Affordable accommodation is also abundant. Travellers can consider staying in traditional Moroccan Riads, which enable visitors to immerse themselves fully in the local culture. Renting these Riads can cost as little as £20 per night, offering excellent value.

Using Marrakech as a base, those with a yen for adventure might want to make a day trip to the Atlas Mountains or experience the striking landscapes of the Sahara Desert.

Whether it’s the promise of sun soaked days, sensory experiences, or exciting day trips on the edge of the Sahara, Marrakech is undoubtedly a winning choice for winter sun seekers on a budget. Marrakech isn’t just another destination ‚Äì it’s an experience that’ll etch indelibly on any traveller‚Äôs memory, without burning a hole in their pocket.


So there you have it. Marrakech is the final contender in our list of cheap winter holiday destinations for 2017 18. It’s a haven for those seeking winter sun without the hefty price tag. With its bustling souks, stunning gardens and historical palaces, it’s a feast for the senses. Affordable flights and accommodation make it a practical choice. Plus, Marrakech’s location allows for exciting day trips to the Atlas Mountains or the Sahara Desert. It’s clear that a winter getaway doesn’t have to expensive. From Marrakech to the other destinations we’ve explored, there are affordable options out there that offer rich experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

What is the primary winter holiday destination discussed in the article?

The article primarily discusses Marrakech, Morocco as a budget friendly winter holiday destination.

Why is Marrakech a popular choice for winter holidays?

Marrakech is popular due to its warm winter climate, vibrant souks, palm studded gardens, and intricate palaces. It offers a rich sensory experience and various attractions such as the Majorelle Garden and Koutoubia Mosque.

Can Marrakech be used as a base for day trips to other attractions?

Yes, travellers can use Marrakeck as a base to make day trips to nearby attractions, such as the Atlas Mountains or the Sahara Desert.

Is Marrakech a budget friendly destination?

Absolutely. Marrakech is hailed in the article as a budget friendly destination, offering affordable flights and accommodation options, making it an enticing choice.

What is the overall judgement of Marrakech for winter sun seekers?

Overall, for winter sun seekers on a budget, Marrakech is a winning choice. It offers a memorable experience without breaking the bank.